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First Vegan Pizza Drive-Thru to Open on East Coast Next Year

Valerie’s Pizza announces plans to be the first vegan pizza drive-thru!

Valerie's Pizza

Valerie's Pizza

Valerie’s Pizza announces plans to be the first vegan pizza drive-thru!

In May of 2022, founder and CEO Valerie Bendish launched the first vegan pizza made by a Master Chef! The successful event sparked the idea of opening the first vegan pizza drive-thru on the East Coast. As a result, Bendish and her team of nutritionists and food scientists prepare to open a restaurant with a flavor-packed menu!

The Future of Fast Food

Valerie’s Pizza, Master Chef Helmut Holzer, and the beloved vegan brand Follow Your Heart joined forces. Together, they launched a delicious whole food-based frozen pizza! Located at the Downtown Natural Market in New York, the new vegan item was met with rave reviews by customers. On launch day, the vegan pizza did so well that it became the catalyst for planning the first-ever vegan pizza drive-thru in the tri-state area.

In recent years, multiple fast-food chains have introduced new vegan items to their menus. Customers are asking for more plant-based foods. So the trend continues to grow. As this movement continues to spread nationwide, then, Valerie’s Pizza joins the trend with their own twist! “We are delivering the first healthy vegan pizza with accessibility for celiac, vegetarians, and anyone who just likes delicious food!” shared Bendish.

Delicious and Healthy Vegan Food for All

As Valerie’s Pizza gets ready to open the areas’ first vegan pizza drive-thru, they are taking impressive measures to ensure delicious, good-for-you, plant-based options. These options include Buddha Bowls and Portabella Burgers! In addition, the company is partnering with The Center for Nutritional Studies to curate the perfect balance of flavor and health for menu items. “I have been lucky and grateful to align with the right people from the inception of this project, and we are proud of what we have accomplished already with this company.” shared Bendish.

Along with this exciting announcement, Valerie’s Pizza also plans to introduce more flavors of vegan pizza in Queens, New York! The new flavors will be available to order on Downtown Natural Market’s website. Valerie’s Pizza vegan drive-thru is projected to open in 2023. Visit ValeriesFarmtoTable.com to stay updated!

Alejandra Tolley

Alejandra Tolley


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