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Tammie Ortlieb Tammie Ortlieb

Turn Climate Anxiety Into Action with These 4 Steps

Stressed out about climate change? Feeling overwhelmed and helpless? You’re not alone! In fact, according to the American Psychiatric Association, more than half of Americans agree that climate change is stressful. Silk, a leader in sustainability and the #1 plant-based beverage brand, has partnered with Dr. Debbie Sturm, a licensed professional counselor, professor, and climate anxiety researcher to bring you actionable steps that help manage your eco-anxiety and move toward a more hopeful, healthful mindset.

Dr. Sturm’s work builds on Silk’s existing strategies toward environmentally responsible business practices as part of one of the world’s largest certified B Corps, including water conservation, reduction of carbon footprint, increased recycling efforts, and pollination-friendly farming.

Anxiety during a time of environmental crisis is a natural consequence of feeling empathy toward the planet, fellow humans, and other creatures. That anxiety can also serve as a motivating factor toward action.

Check out Dr. Sturm’s tips below to learn what you can do to go from being a climate worrier to a climate warrior.

1. Allow yourself to feel the feelings

Rather than trying to run from your anxiety or ignore it, sink into the feelings, embrace them, and try to understand their source. Worried about the California fires, Midwest tornadoes, or East Coast hurricanes? Maybe you feel a sense of doom about the future in general. Connecting with your feelings brings you one step closer to finding an action-related solution that is relevant to your situation.

2. Find community

Just like with your vegan experience, you don’t have to go this alone. There are others out there struggling just as you are. Find those who will support and encourage you, offering hope, a feeling of rootedness, and a sense of belonging. Have your voice heard in a positive environment. Listen to the experiences and feelings of others. This connectedness fosters well-being, hope, and possibility.

3. Monitor your intake

While it’s important to learn how to lower your personal eco-footprint and keep up on what’s going on around the world, it’s equally important to learn when to turn it all off. Take a break, and when you do tune in again, look for stories of inspiration and hope, or examples of individuals doing brave new things to make a difference. Follow leaders who are pioneering environmental change. Feed your mind creative solutions and not just stories of fear.

4. Take action

Once you’ve discovered the cause of your anxiety and understand how the environmental crisis connects with your personal concerns and passions, look for meaningful ways to get involved and take action. Begin by visiting Silk’s Make Your Voice Heard, and send letters urging Congress members to legislate change.

To learn more about Silk’s environmental efforts, visit Silk Climate Warriors: Making an Impact and follow them on Instagram at @silk.

This article is sponsored by Silk. Don’t forget to check out their latest offerings, like new Silk ULTRA, at Silk.com!

Photo credit: Robert Warren

Tammie Ortlieb


Tammie, a VegOut OG and vegan of 16 years, is a former psychology professor and self-proclaimed super-woke wellness guru. Indie author, dreamer, and TikTok rockstar wannabe, she lives to make the world a kinder place.

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