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The Body Shop Is Going 100% Vegan by 2023

This popular cosmetics company is transitioning to 100% vegan certified products!

The Body Shop

This popular cosmetics company is transitioning to 100% vegan certified products!

This month, The Body Shop, a Natura-owned company that is known for its body care, skin care, and hair care products, announced that it will be certifying all of its product formulations with The Vegan Society by December 2023. In addition, The Body Shop plans to offer refillable bottles made from aluminum, along with adding refill stations in 500 stores globally this year. By 2022, the company will also add refill stations to 300 more locations across the world.

The Vegan Trademark by The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is a UK-based charity organization that was founded in 1944 by Donald Watson and his wife, Dorothy, along with four other like-minded friends. In 1990, the society developed The Vegan Trademark, which is used to help consumers identify which products are free from animal ingredients. Today, The Vegan Trademark is on over 54,000 products worldwide, including cosmetics, clothing, food, drink, household items, and will soon be on all of The Body Shop products.

Making The Transition to Vegan Products

Since The Body Shop began making the transition to vegan products, the company has stopped adding honey and beeswax to all of their new products, and are in the process of removing these ingredients from their existing products as well.

“We are working intensively with both Ethiopian and Cameroonian suppliers on a soft-landing exit strategy to mitigate the negative effects of loss of trade at the local level,” The Body Shop said in a statement.

Cruelty-Free Beauty

The Body Shop has been advocating for cruelty-free beauty for over 30 years, and claims to be the first global cosmetics company to campaign against animal testing. In collaboration with Cruelty-Free International, The Body Shop helped contribute to the European Union ban on animal testing in cosmetics and collected 8 million signatures in 2018 for their Forever Against Animal Testing petition.

Where to Purchase The Body Shop Products

Wondering where to purchase The Body Shop products? Check out TheBodyShop.com or follow The Body Shop on Instagram (@thebodyshop) for more information on the company, store locations, and more!

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