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Slutty Vegan Is Coming to Harlem Next Month

This will be the vegan restaurant’s eighth location and the second New York outpost.

Slutty Vegan
New York

Slutty Vegan Madelynn Boykin

This will be the vegan restaurant’s eighth location and the second New York outpost.

Having a bit of déjà vu reading this headline? Then you are not alone! Slutty Vegan has almost doubled its locations this year alone. Next up is a new outpost in Harlem coming in November.

Slutty Vegan Doubles Down in New York

Slutty Vegan launched in Atlanta, Georgia, and currently has five outposts in and around the city. Additionally, every other state in the country has been calling for a Slutty Vegan location for years now. In August, Slutty Vegan opened in Birmingham, making Alabama the first state outside Georgia to be graced with the vegan burger joint.

Just a few weeks ago, Slutty Vegan opened in Brooklyn, answering pleas from New Yorkers to bring the famed vegan burger joint to their city. The Brooklyn location has already achieved massive popularity. The new outpost in Harlem is sure to bring just as much success.

The Harlem location will be located at 300 West 135th Street, New York, NY 10027. The restaurant will be open for takeout and delivery for lunch, dinner, and those late-night munchies.

Founder Pinky Cole has previously expressed her gratitude for returning to her roots in New York. “This is a full circle moment for me,” she said. “I had a restaurant a few blocks away that was destroyed in a grease fire. To come back to the place that helped me get started is such a big deal for the realization of my dream, and this quite frankly is my redemption story!”

Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan Madelynn Boykin

The Slutty Vegan Empire Continues Nationwide Expansion

Aside from serving up some of the most delicious vegan burgers in the country, Slutty Vegan has become a vegan empire. Pinky Cole shows no signs of slowing down her nationwide growth. In addition to the eight restaurant locations, Slutty Vegan also operates a mobile food truck and has developed a significant retail presence.

Earlier this year, Slutty Vegan landed a retail deal with Costco for its vegan spinach artichoke dip. Last month, Slutty Vegan dropped a collab with The Lip Bar, a vegan beauty brand. And next month, Pinky Cole is hitting the road for a nationwide book tour.

For more information about Slutty Vegan, visit SluttyVeganATL.com.

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