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Slutty Vegan Launches Plant-Based Chili and Hot Dogs at All Locations

The two new vegan items will be available at all Slutty Vegan locations through March 31.

Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan

The two new vegan items will be available at all Slutty Vegan locations through March 31.

This is not a drill! Slutty Vegan has added two new items to its menu at all locations.

Slutty Vegan Launches Chili and Hot Dogs

Last month, Slutty Vegan announced two new December-only specials: the Hawt Toddy Chili Bowl and the Sneaky Link Vegan Hot Dog. Both items sold extremely well, and customers stood in line for hours in hopes of trying the new dishes. In just two weeks, more than 20,000 cups of chili were served!

Loyal Slutty Vegan customers expressed their hopes that the dishes would become a permanent addition to the menu. One customer even stood outside the Edgewood location with a “Bring back chili!’ sign when it was announced that both specials would end in 2022. “I had no idea customers would be this upset about us discontinuing a menu item,” said founder and CEO Pinky Cole. “But, the people come first, so I’m listening and giving the people what they want!”

Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan

Cole announced today that both items will now be available at all locations through March 31, 2023. The Hawt Toddy Chili is made with Impossible meat, beans, peppers, onions, and Slutty Vegan’s signature spice blend. The Sneaky Link Vegan Hot Dog is a plant-based hot dog in a pretzel bun topped with Hawt Toddy Chili.

The Slutty Vegan Expansion

While this may be the first Slutty Vegan news of 2023, rest assured it won’t be the only news. The vegan burger chain underwent massive growth in 2022, almost doubling its store count. What started as a Georgia-based food truck now has seven locations across Georgia, New York, and Alabama, with more locations expected to open in 2023.

2022 also saw Slutty Vegan products pop up in Costco, and founder Pinky Cole dropped collaborations with The Lip Bar and Steve Madden. Cole also just finished a nationwide book tour for her cookbook Eat Plants, B*tch.

For more information about Slutty Vegan, its new menu items, or its nationwide expansion, visit SluttyVeganATL.com.

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