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Show Off Your Vegan Spirit with These New Statement Hats

Now you can look like a vegan cool cat with the apparel from VegOut's latest collab!

Aliens of Brooklyn

Now you can look like a vegan cool cat with the apparel from VegOut's latest collab!

This week, urban culture shop Aliens Of Brooklyn and the team at VegOut Magazine have partnered to launch a line of pastel baseball hats and neon beanies with fun vegan phrases on them, like “Oat Milk Freak,” “Don’t Call Me Honey,” “Vegan Queen,” and more. The new merch is made with sustainable materials such as vegan leather, cotton, and acrylic.

“My clothing brand is about inclusivity, and I want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard,” Joseph Tijerina, fashion designer and founder of Aliens Of Brooklyn, told VegOut. “But we are also a brand that is always in on the joke, and we are the first to make fun of ourselves. I really am not trying to make it that serious. If you love something let’s put it on a hat, and let the world know. I think this collaboration is important because we are finally talking about bettering our lives in a fun and interactive way.”

Our own founder, Maggie Ortlieb, also saw the shop as the perfect opportunity to collaborate on a line of apparel that would further forward the vegan movement. “I’ve been wanting to do a clothing collab for a while now,” Maggie told us, “and Aliens of Brooklyn was the perfect partner. I love their minimalist streetwear style and bright colors. The short phrases are simple, yet funny, and really resonate with the social media crowd. I’m excited to see vegans and veg-curious folks on both coasts rocking this apparel and spreading the plant-based message.”

The baseball caps and beanies sell for about $35 each and can be ordered by visiting aliensofbrooklyn.com.

To stay up to date on the latest happenings at Aliens Of Brooklyn, follow them on Instagram @aliensofbrooklyn.

Kayla Pasko


Kayla, a Midwest girl living in NYC, is a writer with a background in media sales. When she’s not scoping out trendy vegan spots, she’s usually taking a yoga class, shopping at Trader Joe’s, or catching a Packers game.

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