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Salt & Straw to Launch Annual Vegandulgence Line in January

Salt & Straw will be launching their Vegandulgence line of flavors at the start of the new year.


Salt & Straw will be launching their Vegandulgence line of flavors at the start of the new year.

Every January, the ice cream shop creates a lineup of limited-edition dairy-free ice creams that are 100% vegan—in addition to their regular lineup (which typically already includes three vegan options). This year, Salt & Straw has five vegan flavors in their Vegandulgence line. First, their “Lemon Cheesecake Crumble” features vegan cashew cheese culture by Heidi Ho! Organics blended with coconut yogurt and lemon zest for a cheesecake swirl, that’s layered with salted vanilla coconut ice cream, along with an almond crumble akin to graham cracker crust. Second, the “Banana & Peanut Butter Tofu Pudding” is a blend of traditional Meiji Tofu with peanut butter, which creates a dense pudding, which is then mixed with soy milk-based banana gelato. Next up is their “Sunflower Butter Cups” flavor, featuring roasted sunflower butter fused with sweetened coconut cream, chocolate stracciatella, and marionberry jam to create a deconstructed butter cup. Very aptly named “Toasted Oat Milk & Cookies” is a toasted oat milk-based ice cream laced with gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and ganache. And finally for a unique take on Rocky Road, Salt & Straw’s “Rocky Road w/ Aquafaba Marshmallows” is a chocolate ice cream combined with candied sunflower seeds and marshmallows made with aquafaba—cooking water from legumes—which beautifully mimics the structure of egg whites when whipped. The leftover white beans from this process are actually used in Salt & Straw's chocolate ice cream mix to create a luxurious texture.

Go to saltandstraw.com to find your nearest Salt & Straw location.

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