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Philadelphia’s Blackbird Pizzeria to Permanently Close

The vegan sandwich shop’s last day of service will be February 20.

Blackbird Pizzeria

Photo courtesy of Blackbird Pizzeria

The vegan sandwich shop’s last day of service will be February 20.

Blackbird Pizzeria, which has been a staple in the Philly vegan food scene for over a decade, has announced its permanent closure effective February 20, 2022.

Famed Vegan Restaurant Closes in Philly

Mark Mebus, owner of popular Philadelphia vegan restaurant Blackbird Pizzeria, announced in a social media post on Tuesday that the restaurant’s last day of service will be Sunday, February 20. The restaurant’s lease is up at the end of February, and Mebus cited the current unpredictable climate as the reason he’s decided not to renew the lease. Mebus stated that the lease is being taken over by another vegan restaurant, although the company has not yet been named.

Blackbird Pizzeria was one of the original vegan restaurants in Philly when it opened back in 2010. The restaurant originally served up a variety of vegan pizzas, but when its sister restaurant 20th Street Pizza opened in 2019, Blackbird began to phase out the pizzas and convert the restaurant into a sandwich shop. Blackbird’s vegan Philly cheesesteak has gained fame far and wide across the US, and if you want to know how much the shop will be missed, just check out the almost 900 comments on Blackbird’s Instagram post announcing the closure.

Vegan Pizza in Philly

While Blackbird Pizzeria is closing its doors, there’s no shortage of other vegan restaurants in the area. If you’ve been a fan of Blackbird for a while, you’ll still be able to get your pizza fix at the brand’s sister restaurant, 20th Street Pizza, just a few miles away. 20th Street Pizza will remain open and will not be affected by Blackbird’s closure.

The menu at 20th Street Pizza has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a classic supreme pizza or one of their creative pies like the Hot Potato with Romesco sauce or the Funghi made with local mushrooms. 20th Street Pizza uses handcrafted mozzarella from fellow vegan Philly-based company Conscious Cultures on all of their pies.

Visit 20thStreet.Pizza for more information about Blackbird’s sister restaurant, and make sure to give @blackbirdpizza a follow on Instagram to support them in their last few weeks of service.

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