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Koia Launches Raspberry Lava Cake Vegan Protein Shake for Valentine’s Day

This limited-edition vegan protein shake is the stuff of our dessert dreams!


This limited-edition vegan protein shake is the stuff of our dessert dreams!

The plant-based nutrition company Koia just launched a new vegan protein shake. The limited-edition Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake Shake, was created in collaboration with world-renowned ketogenic lifestyle expert Thomas DeLauer and is designed for those looking to include more plant-based options into their keto regimen, as well as those just looking for healthier food options.

The launch also marks the beginning of DeLauer’s journey as Chief Keto Officer at Koia, in which he will continue to collaborate with the brand on new plant-based keto innovations and nutrition education.

“More and more people are curious about the keto lifestyle but want more plant-based options that deliver the right macro levels while still being delicious,” DeLauer told VegOut. “My knowledge in keto and nutrition research combined with Koia’s ability to create healthy and delicious plant-based products brings the best of both worlds to this community.”

Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake Shake Balances the Tartness of Raspberries with the Richness of Chocolate

During the development process, both Koia and DeLauer wanted something that would provide an indulgent and comforting product, and the Keto Raspberry Lava Cake Shake was the answer. The limited-edition flavor is inspired by DeLauer’s favorite keto-friendly dessert that his wife makes—chocolate lava cake with a raspberry sauce.

The Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake Shake balances the tartness of raspberries with the richness of chocolate for one delicious experience. The vegan protein shake blends ingredients like macadamia nut milk and pumpkin seed protein and it packs 10g of protein per serving, 3g net carbs, and 0g added sugar per bottle.

“Everything we do at Koia is about health, function, and taste, so collaborating with Thomas DeLauer is a natural alignment with our brand,” says Chris Hunter, co-founder and CEO of Koia. “He keeps up with all the latest research in the keto space and really understands ingredients and their functionality. Plus, the fact that the Raspberry Lava Cake is based on his favorite dessert that his wife makes at home gives the product extra heart.”

Making Plant-Based More Accessible to Everyone

Koia protein shakes deliver all nine essential amino acids, which provides a solution for those looking to include more plant-based options into their keto regimen. In addition, the launch of their new vegan protein shake and investment in the keto space is a part of the brand’s commitment to making the plant-based lifestyle more accessible to everyone.

The Koia Keto Raspberry Lava Cake Shake is priced at $3.99 per bottle and is available now for a limited time at DrinkKoia.com.

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