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Dogfish Head Just Launched Vegan Oat Milk IPA Ice Cream

Dogfish Head Brewery released a plant-based frozen dessert infused with Hazy-O beer.

Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head Brewery released a plant-based frozen dessert infused with Hazy-O beer.

Earlier this year, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery released Hazy-O, the first nationally distributed oat milk IPA. Recently, this hop-forward, juicy brew has breached dessert territory—introducing Dogfish Head Hazy-O IPA Vegan Ice Cream.

Dogfish Head’s Original Oat Milk IPA

The original oat milk IPA from Dogfish Head contains notes of tropical fruits like mango and pineapple, but there is no denying that oats are the star of the show. The hazy IPA contains four different oat varieties, including oat milk. Early on in the development, Dogfish Head enlisted oat milk scientists from Elmhurst 1925 to help brew a high-quality product. The synergistic partnership combined two major food trends for a palate-pleasing craft beer weighing in at 7% ABV. The Delaware-based brewery has further evolved its innovative product by transforming this first-of-its-kind brew into a beer-infused ice cream.

Dogfish Head’s Artisanal Boozy Ice Cream

Dogfish Head partnered with Tipsy Scoop, an artisanal, boozy ice cream brand to create Dogfish Head Hazy-O IPA Ice Cream, and the formulation is totally vegan! Imagine caramel and cinnamon dairy-free ice cream infused with craft oat milk IPA—sounds tasty, right? Grab a spoon and enjoy these complementary flavors or add a scoop to your favorite beer for an adult ice cream float. This dreamy dessert packs a silky mouthfeel and toasted, nutty flavor with a beer-infused kick. The spiked treat contains 5% ABV and therefore must be enjoyed responsibly by those 21 years of age and up. This decadent dessert is available by the pint in Tipsy Scoops NYC Barlours or online for a limited time while supplies last. A valid ID is required for purchase and delivery.

Consumers can also locate their nearest six-pack of Dogfish Head Hazy-O IPA by using the brewery’s Fish Finder. Whether you’re enjoying a boozy scoop or sippin’ a six-pack, this beer and ice cream duo is sure to flavor your summer with hops and oats.

Anja Grommons

Anja Grommons


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