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Chantal Guillon Introduces Vegan Macarons

The vegan egg white replica from EVERY Co will make the new line of French macarons fully vegan.

vegan macarons

Kimberly Tsai

The vegan egg white replica from EVERY Co will make the new line of French macarons fully vegan.

There has been a lot of new technology in food over the past number of years, and EVERY Co’s new vegan egg white is at the forefront of that movement. Starting today, March 23, EVERY Co’s EggWhite is being used in Chantal Guillon’s new line of macarons.

Vegan Macarons Available for Nationwide Shipping

Chantal Guillon is a bakery in the San Francisco area that specializes in French macarons. Traditional macarons require egg whites and are therefore difficult to find for those following a vegan diet.

Starting March 23, Chantal Guillon will be offering a selection of vegan macarons made with the EVERY EggWhite. The vegan egg white from technology brand EVERY Co is a vegan replica of egg whites, making it easier than ever for vegans to enjoy the European treat.

The vegan macarons will be available in several of the brand’s most popular flavors, such as Earl grey, passionfruit, pistachio, strawberry, Tahitian vanilla, and dark chocolate. The vegan macarons will come in boxes of six and are available for nationwide shipping while supplies last for $28.

Starting March 30, the vegan macarons will be available in Chantal Guillon’s San Francisco and Palo Alto retail locations and for Bay Area delivery through platforms like Grubhub, UberEats, Seamless, and Allset.

Vegan Egg Whites Made Using Precision Fermentation

The vegan egg from EVERY Co is identical to eggs in every way but does not come from animals. The EVERY EggWhite is made by a process called precision fermentation, in which the same DNA sequence that animals use to make protein is assembled, inserted into yeast, and mixed with sugar.

The end result is a fully functional, nature-equivalent egg white that doesn’t use animals in any part of its process. As a result, the EVERY EggWhite is suitable for vegans but not for those with egg allergies.

For more information about the EVERY EggWhite and its precision fermentation process, visit TheEveryCompany.com. Vegan macaron orders can be placed at ChantalGuillon.com.

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