5 Sustainable Vegan Sneakers to Order Online

5 Sustainable Vegan Sneakers to Order Online

Apr 5, 2020 BY: Cat Limket

Our staple wardrobe is pretty much sweats and bare feet these days, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all need a trusty pair of dirt dancers for part of the day. And now, more than ever, supporting vegan businesses online who are doing the most in sustainability is more important than binge watching the entire season of Love is Blind (although, we do encourage you to do so if so inclined). These are 5 awesome planet loving brands who are pumping out fire fashion kicks while still practicing safe business and health practices during this crazy time!

Vessi Footwear

The Versatile Do-Gooder

Waterproof, lightweight, and breathable, these dirt kickers are the pair for you if you are the outdoorsy kind! Dubbed “the most comfortable waterproof shoes,” they are perfect for splashing in puddles during these random LA rain days and can even be worn if you are traipsing through the snow. You can also feel good as you dance through the daisies in these because they’re as sustainable as a bamboo spoon. While the traditional knit time for sneakers is 45 mins, the Vessi shoe takes 7 mins. to create, reducing each pair’s carbon footprint by over 600%! On top of that, Vessi is woke AF when it comes to COVID-19—they’ve donated over 1000 pairs of shoes to healthcare professionals on the frontline of this fight. Vessi Footwear, making the world a better place one step at a time!

Vessi Shoes

Free Waters

The H₂O Hero

Cali made Free Waters believe above all in minimizing our impact on the planet. That’s why every pair sold means clean drinking water through their grassroots projects. Especially known for their “traveling equals comfort” mindset, in addition to sneakers they make the perfect house slipper for all these days spent TikToking your dog inside. One of the first house slippers to also have arch support, it’s your must have slip-on, what you need for these easy breezy self-care days. Feet stay comfortable and warm inside the house shuffling for the eighth time in the past hour to the fridge (we don’t judge) or making that quick walk outside to the mailbox. These sponge rubber-soled babies will be your new everyday staple (they go perfect with sweatpants, PJ pants, or no pants!).

Free Waters


Personality Queen

Finding the balance between function and form, Vamvas creates shoes that “seamlessly blend beauty and comfort.” No matter what your style or color scheme, they’ve got a pair for you. Made of 100% all-natural materials while maintaining a breathable and light feel, Vamvas believes in a strict code of conduct and responsibility in sustainability. Your colorful pair of Vamvas will even arrive in a 100% recyclable cardboard box. With every color sole under the rainbow, you’ll have a pair of their all-natural cotton kicks for every day of the week. They even do their part giving back—with every pair sold, Vamvas plants one tree in California, doing their part in fighting climate change, and contributing to this big, blue, beautiful planet!

Use promo code VEGOUTLA for 20% off your purchase!

Vamvas Shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Undoubtedly the king of cult vegan shoes and accessories, Will’s Vegan is a staple in the closet of every vegan fashionista and fashionisto. From fabrics to glue and non-treated paper, Will’s Vegan has been rollin’ out the vegan made hits since 2012 using cereal crops to produce vegan leather. A PETA award winning company, their products are made ethically in Italy and Portugal under the European Union employment, discrimination, health and safety law. In addition, their employees receive annual leave, equal pay, maternity leave and pay, parental leave, compensation for victims of discrimination, and guaranteed health and safety. Order a pair of their incredibly comfy trainers, knit wears, wallets, or any other item, and it’ll come plastic free, in an untreated cardboard box from sustainable sources.

Will's Vegan Shoes

NAE Vegan Shoes

Portugese vegan footwear brand NAE (No Animal Exploitation), holds animal welfare and cruelty-free practices above all else. The brand promotes a philosophy of respect to all living creatures and the environment. Focusing on only natural and ecological materials, manufacturing and implementations, their design and style are never sacrificed. Low carbon footprint items like cork, pineapple, recycled airbags, and plastic bottles make up each pair, and are only created in factories local in Portugal. NAE also values respectful employee practices and labor laws. Slip on a pair of their vegan leather sandals made in unlined eco-friendly OEKO-TEX certified microfiber knowing there were zero CO2 emissions produced in the making of them!

NAE Vegan Shoes


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