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Where to Get Vegan Ice Cream in Orlando

Cool off with these shakes, sundaes, and cones!

Vegan ice cream from The Greenery Creamery
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Courtesy of The Greenery Creamery

Cool off with these shakes, sundaes, and cones!

Beat the Florida heat with unique ice cream creations spanning from ube soft serve to cold brew milkshakes. Plan your next outing with this list in mind!


Mills 50

This trendy ice cream parlor lends itself to the founder’s Filipino heritage with vegan flavors, including a buko pandan, mango float, and coffee & biskwit. In the mood for soft serve? Enjoy a vibrant purple ube vanilla soft serve swirl in a cake cone.

Person holding Sampaguita ice cream

Courtesy Sampaguita

Vegan Scoops

Food Truck

Cuban-influenced plant-based truck Vegan Scoops specializes in allergy-friendly, melty, creamy scoops on a bed of warm cookies or gluten-free brownies (aka Hot Plates). Vegan Scoops is also eco-friendly, using sustainable packaging and materials, including bamboo fiber bowls, cups, and spoons that are 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Vegan strawberry ice cream with chocolate covered strawberry and brownie

Courtesy of Vegan Scoops

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

Disney Springs

Home of the famous $16 Non-Dairy Hot Fudge Sundae, this spot offers every cent worth with piping hot fudge, made with non-dairy chocolate chips and almond milk, over scoops of non-dairy vanilla coconut ice cream, and finished with almond milk whipped topping, diced almonds, a cherry, and a 72% dark chocolate square. This viral sundae will leave you wanting seconds!

Vegan ice cream sundae from Disney Springs

Courtesy of Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

The Greenery Creamery

Downtown Orlando & Downtown Sanford

Harnessing the power of coconut, soy, peanut, almond, sunflower seed, and oat, Greenery Creamery sports a half-dairy, half-vegan ice cream and milkshake menu that will leave you drooling. Seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice Latte and Orange Blossom Pistachio grace the Greenery Creamery’s rotating menu with a selection of vegan toppings to add to your cup or cone.

The Greenery Creamery ice cream on table

Courtesy of The Greenery Creamery

Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Winter Park

Coffee lovers—don’t sleep on this! Ethos Vegan Kitchen’s plant-based affogato is a sight for tired eyes! Sweet and simple, this caffeinated nightcap includes one humble scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with a shot of hot espresso. For extra indulgence, order your affogato with a housemade vegan chocolate cookie to dip.

Two vegan milkshakes from Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Courtesy of Ethos Vegan Kitchen

DaJen Eats & Creamery


Eatonville Jamaican gem, DaJen Eats, also has an on-site ice cream parlor. Keep it classic with Chef Jen’s Killing with Vanilla scoops (rich and creamy vanilla Irie Cream) or go bold with her Unleash the Dragon Stout milkshake (smooth, dark, and moody with a complex base of cream and dark beer).

DaJen Eats vegan ice cream

Courtesy of DaJen Eats & Creamery

Kres Chophouse

Downtown Orlando

After wining and dining with Kres Chophouse’s critically acclaimed vegan “Beef” Wellington and selection of plant-based wines, end the night with one of their rotating cruelty-free desserts. Select their Cashew Cream Sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, and your choice of toppings. Or opt for their sensational Brookie, which includes vanilla ice cream melting on top of a rich Oreo-infused brownie.

Vegan brownie sundae with strawberry

Courtesy of veg_outs_ on Instagram


Mills 50

Orlando’s favorite open-til-2am vegan burger joint also slings some of the city’s best vegan milkshakes. Sip on their cult-favorite Robinson Cold Brew or Strawberry Shake. Don’t forget to dip your fries inside!

Plantees milkshakes

Courtesy of Plantees

Rolled Ice Cream

Waterford Lakes

The magic of Rolled Ice Cream starts with non-dairy cream being poured on a freezing-cold steel pan. Add some of your favorite plant-based toppings, then let the staff do their magic, scraping your frozen treat into satisfying rolls of rolled ice cream. Select from 10 non-dairy flavors ranging from butter pecan to birthday cake!

Rolled ice cream in a cup

Photo by murmureats on Instagram

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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