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Take This Quiz to Find the Perfect Vegan Meal Delivery for You

Listen overachieving vegans, we get it. It’s super hard out there for an animal-loving gangsta to balance your 9-5 day job, animal shelter volunteer work, Tinder dating schedule, and vegan social event life. One simply cannot survive on Daiya frozen pizzas, Annie’s Vegan Mac, Vegan Rob’s Puffs, or Gardein Crispy Tenders alone (trust us, we’ve tried). Thankfully, due to modern technology, an influx of businesses banking on our laziness has arisen!

Take our Quiz below to find the vegan meal delivery service that’s right for you!


1. Your idea of a perfect Sunday is:

A. Brunch at Gracias Madre with your BFFs where you take the perfect IG “cheers” boomerang, and the table of admirers next to you pays for your first round of drinks. Winning!

B. Biking 10 miles to join your volunteer cleaning crew on the beach, followed by a body and soul cleansing green juice from Pressed Juicery.

C. Hiking Runyon Canyon with your S.O. and your husky Max, followed by eating till you want to throw up at Vegan Exchange LA!

D. A day of peace and solitude with no one screaming, blaming each other, or spilling on the carpet!

E. Re-watching all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad.

2. Your Vegan Celebrity Soulmate is:

A. Billie Eilish

B. Venus Williams

C. Joaquin Phoenix & Rooney Mara

D. Olivia Wilde

E. Woody Harrelson

3. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one thing with you it would be:

A. Your ten-step skin care routine—gotta keep up your regimen even on an island!

B. A water filter. Who knows what kind of organisms are living in these waters.

C. Matching couples’ scooters! Perfect for scooting around the island!

D. An iPad for your kids, so they can leave you alone while you try and figure out a way off this god awful island.

E. Your cellphone, so you can ask Siri what the hell to do.

4. Your favorite spirit animal is:

A. A unicorn because it’s unique and pretty and shiny and everyone loves them!

B. A cheetah. It’s fast, nimble, and every part of its body is useful. Even the black tear-shaped streaks on their faces reflect the sunlight out of their eyes!

C. Otters because they hold hands while they sleep so they don’t drift away. Awww!

D. The lion. Leader of the pack. Authoritative. Majestic. Will bite their cub if need be.

E. A Sloth. Because, why not? They literally get to chill alllll day, and obvs, sloths are DOPE.

5. Your go-to vegan cheat meal is:

A. Magical Unicorn Sundae (vanilla cake, unicorn magic and vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles, and animal cookie on top) from Cocobella Creamery—because it’s almost too pretty to eat (like you) and again, duh, unicorns!

B. Pineapple Soft Serve (pineapple, mango, dates, almonds) from Pressed Juicery—you are such a health freak you actually think this is a cheat meal. You are a better person than all of us.

C. Bacon Cheese Fries (housemade bacon and cheese on fries) + Fried Chicken Basket (two piece chicken with mac & cheese and fries) from Doomie’s—because finger foods are best when shared!

D. Vegan & Sara Pizza (pesto, spinach, vegan chicken, artichoke, cherry tomato, almond ricotta), Garlic Knots, and Vegan Meatballs from Purgatory Pizza—a lotta food, that can feed a lotta people. Also, hidden veggies to trick your kids.

E. Donut Burger (house sausage patty, fried egg, American cheese, and hashbrown sandwiched between two Donatsu donut buns and shoestring fries) from Munchies Diner—because who wants to decide between savory or sweet? Have both, live your best life.

6. Your favorite vegan documentary is:

A. Vegucated

B. The Game Changers

C. Cowspiracy

D. What the Health

E. Earthlings

7. For Halloween, you’re going as:

A. Ariana Grande (you already bought your ethically-sourced pony extension)

B. Mama Earth (a costume you made yourself out of recycled materials, of course)

C. You and your S.O. are going as Jasmine and Aladdin

D. Peas in pod (you and your S.O. as the pod and your little ones as the peas, awww)

E. A Sexy Beyond Burger (who has time to think of something, and this costume is awesome)


Mostly A’s – Sakara Life

For the fabulously fit scene queen. You were the first in your group of friends to reach over 100k on IG (without using bots) and the first to turn that IG into a very successful vlog where you literally film yourself getting your matcha fix, doing vintage unboxings, and watching your Goldendoodle run circles in your living room. You have curated an impressively beautiful life to match that beautiful bod! You only consume organic, local farmers market produce, and the thought of unnatural sugars, gluten, and processed foods makes you shudder.

Sakara Life is the meal service for you, IG babe! The 100% organic ready-to-eat meals require absolutely zero prep or cooking and give you the choice between some seriously babe body giving programs! With the Signature Program (Level I) you’ll receive meals, teas, supplements, and support! The level I has no gluten, refined sugars, dairy, meat, pesticides, harmful chemicals, GMO’s, or toxins, and includes yummy choices like the Sakara Superfood Mac + Cheeze (chickpea pasta with carrot cheese and baby watercress) and their Chia Coconut Protein Waffles (chia powder, coconut nectar, and blackberries). The Detox (Level II) is for you hardcore health queens trying to get rid of all the demons and make your body a clean goddess that only poops energy and light! In addition to the exclusion of all the no no baddie food groups from Level I, theLevel II also eliminates nightshades (white potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, chilli peppers aka Tom B and Giselle’s enemies), nuts, and soy! Scope out their Clean Boutique where you can up your nutrition even more with their popular Beauty Chocolates (YES chocolates that are good for you) and Detox Water drops. With their philosophy of “food as medicine” you can be sure that it’s feeding your tummy, soul, and spirit!

Use promo code XOVEGOUTLA for 20% off a Sakara Life Meal Program or 10-Day!

Mostly B’s – Thistle

For the health professional who thinks variety is the spice of life. Juice cleanses, soup cleanses, salad cleanses—you’ve done them all. You spend your weekends training for 10k marathons instead of day drinking your self hatred away like the rest of your co-workers. You thrive on documentaries like What the Health and Gamechangers but also have a very eclectic and charming collection of tiny furniture. You have Marie Kondo’ed the eff out of your place and have begun organizing your BFF’s space (against her and her fiance’s wishes), you have your shizz together quite frankly, and everything including your diet is always on point!

The only thing that could aid in your attempt at vibrating at an even higher frequency is a meal service that gives you everything you want and everything you need—in comes Thistle. Thistle is as serious about nutrition and convenience as Kylie Jenner is about looking nothing like prepubescent Kylie Jenner. The genius chefs at Thistle create a completely new menu every single week filled with deliciously nutrient dense ready-to-eat meals, sides, and juices. With choices like Caterpillar Sushi Salad (an “inside out” caterpillar roll with crunch red cabbage, carrot, nori, and short-grain brown rice), Okinawan Sweet Potato Bars (purple okinawan root vegetable on top of cassava shortbread) Autumn Cold Pressed Juice (carrot, orange, lemon, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, camu camu), you’ve got choices galore as you plot your next mission in 2020 to spend time in the Peace Corps. Vegans, Americans, the children—we all thank you.

Mostly C’s – Purple Carrot

For the couple who loves to cook but only knows how to prepare cereal. Try and try as you might, you just can’t seem to make your “PB & J onion noodles” a thing. What you lack in natural culinary skill, you more than make up for in optimism, a trying attitude, and flawless dishwashing skills! You have tons of recipes marked on Pinterest, and boy oh boy, do you execute those flawlessly (when you follow the ingredients precisely). You and your S.O. love to try different dishes but have no idea what to do with that extra almost full head of garlic that you only used one clove from for your vegan fried rice recipe. Who has the time to look for recipes that fit all those extra ingredients! My kitchen creatively-challenged friend (who I’m sure is good at many, many other things–knitting perhaps?), Purple Carrot’s got you covered. Each box includes easy-to-read recipes (with pictures–yay!), perfectly portioned, high-quality ingredients, and tons of tips and tricks to up that kitchen game! With riDONKulous recipes like Roasted Broccolini Panzanella with marinated white beans and ciabatta croutons, Lemon Braised Chickpeas with rosemary and scallion cashew cheese, you’ll be dishing up droolworthy IG-ready meals with the skill of Top Chef Season 8, Third place Winner in no time!


Mostly D’s – Green Chef

For the momma or daddio with the family of four picky eaters who’s just trying to lessen her family’s carbon footprint on the world (can little Billy just recycle his Fanta can ONCE?). You run a busy household, from your morning SoulCycle class to little Billy’s archery practice and Betty Sue’s underwater basket weaving lessons (Google it). Between drafting up a lengthy manuscript against your neighbor for putting compost in the recycling bin and running a successful organic biodegradable sock line (you are an inspiration) who has the time to think about a healthy hearty dinner for the picturesque family to enjoy at the end of a long day!?

Well superparent, Greenchef’s got your “desperately in dire need of a good Swedish massage” back. Select the Plant-Powered plan, and be transported to a reality in which a flavor-filled, hearty and healthy dinner table is just a click away. With meal options like Pesto Pasta Primavera (spring veggies, arugula pesto, artichoke gremolata), Vegan Crab Cakes (tempeh cakes with basil lemon aioli and arugula slaw), and Sundried Tomato Flatbread (balsamic reduction, sweet potato fries, and kale salad), even the pickiest of eaters (we’re looking at you un-recycling little Billy) will be licking their plates. Each restaurant-quality meal comes with exact ingredient quantities and can all be expertly whipped up in less than 30 minutes (aka the time of an entire Friends episode). Ingredients are all organic with no GMO’s, pesticides, irradiation, sewage sludge (didn’t know we had to worry about that? ew.), or just any nasties in general! Their motto “more flavor, less time” is upheld with the vibrant pre-made marinades, sauces, and spice blends. Less time in the kitchen for you means more time helping little Billy understand about environmentally-friendly kitchen practices, and focusing on your next venture–“Power Parent Podcast” perhaps?

Mostly E’s – Veestro

For the person who needs ALL the decisions made for them. You’re the person who looks over the menu ten times, then finally when your dinner companions complain to you that they are literally about to gnaw your arm off, you turn to the waiter and say, “Well, whatever is the most popular item, or whatever you like, I’ll have that” to which the whole table moans and groans and starts throwing ice at you. Hey, we get it. We make a ton of decisions on the daily–“Should I take the 101 or San Vincente to Laurel Canyon?”, “Should I order the burger on the bun or lettuce wrap?”, and “Should I swipe left or right?”. Honestly, sometimes, you just want someone else to choose what you are going to shovel into your mouth as you power through your day.

Veestro has you covered. They make all the delicious decisions for you. Choose their “Chef’s Choice” and they will handpick each chef-prepared, heat-and-love meal according to the most popular on the menu! Choose from customer favorites, high protein, or even gluten-free. Choose from 10, 20, or 30 meals in your box, and with options like Pasta Bolognese, Pad thai, and Country Fried Chick’n, it won’t be like when you were a kid and you groaned every time your mom “reinvented” the tuna casserole for the seventh time (Mom, all you added were peas; it’s the same dish!). Is the button on your favorite pair of pants holding on like your girlfriend’s memory of when you “accidentally” liked that IG model’s photo? Try Veestro’s weight loss plan! 3 meals per day and 1200 calories will get you fit, ripped, and satisfied. Feeling cool, confident, and ready to take control? Pick every meal a’la carte—start making delicious decisions because, boss baby, you are the CEO of your life (we HIGHLY recommend getting this printed on business cards).

Cat Limket


Cat is a vegan actress, model, and activist. She is passionate about healthy and holistic living, cruelty-free beauty, and the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. When she’s not on set or hugging puppies, you can find her on the hunt for vegan ice cream.

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