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How to Eat Vegan at Dunkin’

Looking to spice up your early morning coffee run? From the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich to the signature Dunkin’ Refreshers, Dunkin’ has some delicious vegan options for you to try!

Food & Drink

Looking to spice up your early morning coffee run? From the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich to the signature Dunkin’ Refreshers, Dunkin’ has some delicious vegan options for you to try!


Hash Browns

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Dunkin’s hash browns are an absolute must-try. These lightly seasoned bite-sized delicacies are the best way to start your morning and pair perfectly with one of Dunkin’s hot teas or coffees!

Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Craving a hot and delicious breakfast sandwich? While Dunkin’ doesn’t have any vegan egg or cheese alternatives just yet, you can try out this delicious Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich consisting of sausage on an English muffin or sourdough bread—just be sure to ask for no cheese or egg on your sandwich and you’re good to go.

Oatmeal (available at certain locations)

Offering two different varieties of oatmeal—maple brown sugar and original—Dunkin’ has great options for when you’re in a pinch and are looking for something on the healthier side. Their perfect blend of dried fruits—cranberries, raisins, and golden raisins—tops off this delicious hot breakfast.

Avocado Toast (available at certain locations)

If your local Dunkin’ is serving up avocado toast, you need to get in and try it! For only $2.99, you can order this cult classic on a fresh slice of tangy sourdough bread, topped with a smooth and creamy avocado spread and everything bagel seasoning.

Bakery Items

Sourdough Bread

Dunkin’s sourdough bread is vegan. Offered in a variety of breakfast food options, like the Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich and avocado toast, this bread is made from a sourdough starter and is 100% vegan.

English Muffin

Nothing beats the softness of a toasted English muffin in the morning. Order it on its own, or use it to replace another bread in one of Dunkin’s vegan breakfast options.

Multigrain Thin

Looking for an earthier bread option? Dunkin’s Multigrain Thin is an amazing one to try—made with whole wheat, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Like all of Dunkin’s vegan breads, you can order it on its own or to use as a replacement for another bread in one of Dunkin’s vegan breakfast options.


With no animal-derived extra additives, Dunkin’s bagel options are next level. Though not all of their bagels are vegan, they offer classic flavors like cinnamon raisin, sesame seed, multigrain, and everything that are plant-based! Check if your local Dunkin’ offers vegan margarine as well, and you’re good to go!

Specialty Beverages

Coolatta Frozen Beverages

Looking to stay cool this summer? Dunkin’s signature Coolatta frozen beverages are the best way to beat the heat! Try out these sweet slushies in the vegan flavors of strawberry and blue raspberry to relive those childhood slushie memories!

Dunkin’ Refreshers & Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers

These Dunkin’ drinks could not be more appropriately named. Refreshing and delicious, Dunkin’ Refreshers and Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers are another great choice to keep cool this summer. Stop by your local Dunkin’ to check out what fruity flavors they’re serving up!

Coffees & Teas

Coffees & Teas

Good news! All of Dunkin’s plain coffees, espressos, and teas are vegan—so you can feel comfortable drinking them hot or cold! The best part? They offer a wide variety of plant-based milks like almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk, so you can order your coffee just the way you like it.

Matcha & Chai

In the mood for something other than classic teas and coffees? Dunkin’s delicious specialty teas like matcha and chai are 100% vegan! Just be sure to ask for them with your choice of plant-based milk.

Flavor Shots

Looking to add a kick to your morning coffee? Dunkin’s vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, blueberry, raspberry, and coconut flavor shots are all vegan. So feel free to go crazy and try out one (or more) flavors during your next coffee break.

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Natalie Brown


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