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Anja Grommons Anja Grommons Anja Grommons

Eat Your Veggies Day: Yes, It’s a Thing!

If you didn’t already know about National Eat Your Veggies Day on June 17, now you do! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Dirt Kitchen Snacks this month and are talking all things vegetables in celebration. It’s time to embrace this day full of tasty produce.

Eat Your Veggies Day and the Health Benefits of Plant-Based Foods

Why a specific day dedicated to veggies? The health benefits of plant-based foods are incredible! These foods are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a variety of other compounds important for health. Vegetables can have a positive effect on blood pressure, overall cardiovascular health, the digestive system, blood sugar control, and weight management.

On-the-Go Real-Food Vegan Snacks

You know what else vegetables are good for—snacking! We’ve found the most snackably delicious veggies with Dirt Kitchen Snacks and are making them the official vegan snack choice of VegOut this month!

Dirt Kitchen takes real veggies like zucchini, carrots, blushed peppers, and green beans, air-dries them to a perfect crunch, and then tosses them in herbs and spices for a vegetable experience unlike any other.

These veggie snacks are not only better for you, but they’re versatile as well. Try Dirt Kitchen’s portable packs of Air Dried Veggies and Nuts, perfect for snacking while traveling, throwing in your hiking bag, or munching on for National Eat Your Veggies Day. They come in Green Beans and Roasted Almonds, Zucchini, Roasted Chickpeas, and Pistachios and Carrots, Zucchini, and Roasted Peanuts. We also like them as a salad or soup topping, paired with an epic vegan sandwich, and dunked into tasty dips and spreads.

Rescued Food Waste

Dirt Kitchen’s Air Dried Veggie Crisps are made from upcycled veggies (aka rescued food waste) and come in three varieties, including crunchy Zucchini, Grape Tomato, and Blushed Bell Pepper.

Follow Dirt Kitchen on Instagram for a Chance to Win DKS Swag

Show your love of veggies by giving Dirt Kitchen Snacks a try—and follow on Instagram (@dirtkitchensnacks) to enter for a chance to win an awesome DKS swag + snack box!

Check out Dirt Kitchen’s Website and Order Now!

Check out their website at DirtKitchenSnacks.com to purchase some new favorite flavors or to snag a variety pack. Be sure to use code VEGOUT20 for 20% off at checkout!

Anja Grommons


Anja is a plant-based dietitian by day and vegan foodie by night. She offers virtual nutrition coaching for vegan and veg-curious clients. Check out her site for coaching services, recipes, and nutrition tips at vegcentricdietitian.com.

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Anja Grommons

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